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What is ALF?

In the 70 years of known autism, there has never been a medical treatment that addresses the core deficits of autism. A path of hope is now emerging. Autism Legacy Fund (ALF) finds, connects and directly supports the therapies, research, and community needs of those striving to correct the most challenging deficits of autism: Inability to Communicate - when he can’t say “I love you” or “someone is hurting me";  Social Deficit - when she has no friends; Repetitive and Restricted Behaviors - such as rocking, hand-flapping, saying the same thing over and over; Sensory Overload.

In the US, 1 in 36 kids are diagnosed with autism. 1 in 6 kids are diagnosed with a developmental disorder. We can no longer wait. 

ALF is actively chasing the hope of millions. Join the chase. Be a legacy. 

Autism Legacy Fund is a project of the San Diego based autism non-profit, BIANCA - Be Involved. Act Now. Champion Autism. 

To find out more about BIANCA, please visit their website at

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