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What is ALF?

In the 70 years of known autism, there has never been a medical treatment that addresses the core deficits of autism. A path of hope is now emerging. Autism Legacy Fund (ALF) finds, connects and directly supports the therapies and research of those striving to correct the most challenging deficits of autism: Inability to Communicate - when he can’t say “I love you” or “someone is hurting me";  Social Deficit - when she has no friends; Repetitive and Restricted Behaviors - such as rocking, hand-flapping, saying the same thing over and over; Sensory Overload.

1 in 54 kids are diagnosed with autism. 1 in 6 kids are diagnosed with a developmental disorder. We can no longer wait. 

ALF is actively chasing the hope of millions. Join the chase. Be a legacy. 

Autism Legacy Fund is a project of the San Diego based autism non-profit, BIANCA - Be Involved. Act Now. Champion Autism. 

To find out more about BIANCA, please visit their website at

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